Saturday, December 21, 2013


I love to celebrate the solstice. For me it represents a brief interlude from the Christmas magic/busyness/intensity to focus on the root cause of this whole season - the darkest day of the year and the return of the light. We asked some of our good friends to come celebrate with us. 

My beautiful boys enjoying some kombucha. 
 Beautiful chocolate peppermint cake from Baker and Spice bakery.
We had a make-your-own-pizza dinner using pita bread as the crusts and with everyone bringing different toppings.

 After pizza, we started a fire.

Me explaining some of the background of the winter solstice. Jake is holding a branch of rosemary which symbolizes remembrance --we each took a branch and used it to represent something about 2013 and then let that go. Then we threw the branches in the fire. Next we each took a pinch of lavender and thought of our hopes for 2014 and threw the lavender in the fire.