Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012

Halloween day -- Jake woke up excited! He'd been looking forward to Halloween for awhile, and even had a calendar where he was marking the days until this holiday. 

Ryan and I got to Jake's school early in the afternoon to watch the whole-school Halloween parade. 

Coming out of the building, with Ryan ready to watch. It was raining but we had a parade anyway.

Back at home, we got ready to go trick or treating in the Village. It was POURING rain sideways when we left the house. Ryan was snug inside the stroller and Jake and I had raincoats with the hoods up.
We met up with Skylar and her mom. And walked down. We had a ninja, a dog, and Pocahontas. Luckily, soon after we got to the Village, the rain let up and eventually stopped. It was crowded but it's so much fun to see so many costumes (well, what could be seen under the rain gear).

Back at home Ryan was admiring/showing off his stash.
 Yum! Candy!
Then we went to Skylar's house for a dinner with the neighbors. This is Dillon with Ryan. (Dillon's mom was 40 weeks pregnant Halloween night. Dillion's brother was born at 7 the next morning!)
 Jake and Skylar.
Then it was time to go trick or treating! Amazingly, the rain stopped and it was a warm night and a group of 11 of us went around the neighborhood. I left a bowl of candy on the porch with the Jack o lanterns and had fun chatting with my neighbors and keeping an eye on the kids. Mike and I switched off helping Ryan keep up with the bigger kids running from house to house!
In the end, the big kids got too far ahead of Dillion and Ryan, so when Ryan and I finally arrived back home the ninja was already somewhere else.
 Aha - he was inside sorting his candy.
Finally going to bed at 9pm. Ryan would not let go of 2 of the packages of candy he got. I had to remove them from the bed after he fell asleep :)

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Monday, October 1, 2012

Lee's Birthday

Now annual homemade marionberry birthday pie. 
Beautiful flowers from Mike.
 A great snack while working.