Saturday, July 30, 2011

Ryan - 10 Months

Dear Ryan,

10 months already?! You are the cutest 10 month old I know. You spent the month working on your big motor skills -- becoming an expert crawler and learning to pull yourself up to a standing position. When you crawl, it is mostly with the crab crawl, one leg sliding while the other leg pushes you along. Jake crawled the same way, although you sometimes do the traditional crawl where both knees alternate sliding forward.

You love to eat. You pretty much have 3 'meals' a day plus snacks and have developed a lot of the signs that you use most often around food. "More" (clapping hands together) and "all finished" (waving hands back and forth, like a bird beating its wings) are obvious now. Sometimes you also sign "down," "mama," "water," "food." There is also waving for "hi" and "bye." Very exciting. More than one person has heard you say "da" and "mama" as well.
Everyday is a chance to play and explore the world. You never tire of crawling around and finding things to do. Sometimes Jake plays with you and you are delighted! A favorite game for the 2 of you is to have you sit inside a box while Jake pushes you around.
Cars are a big hit with you. You love to push them along while you crawl.
And the spiderman ball. I can't believe how good you are about playing ball back and forth with someone else.
You are just so cute.
And most of the time totally happy.
Yes, you recently got into the toilet paper. The roll is going to sit on top of the toilet for awhile.
Saying "hi" while standing!
You are delighted with your ability to pull yourself up to a standing position, and have been doing nothing else over the last few days.
Ryan we love having you with us, and you are very much a part of this family. Sure, it's annoying that you make a beeline for the dishwasher every time we open it (consequently, we can only load/unload it when you are elsewhere) and you like to close doors and I worry about you getting stuck on the other side, but your assertiveness with exploring is pretty wonderful! Also, the kisses and cuddles we get from you make my heart melt.
Keep growing, my strong, healthy, smart boy!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Random July Pictures, Take 2

Smiley Jake (pre-haircut).
Mike studying.
Ryan exploring.
Mike making the cat's food. Notice Theo sitting on the counter, waiting for the food.
Play. Kitchen drawers are fascinating!
Jake tripped and fell and hit his forehead on concrete. Got a combination goose egg and bloody scrape :(
Me and my boys.
Summer arrived in Portland!
And then it was time to get out the kiddie pool.
Cute brothers.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Raspberry Bounty

We went raspberry picking, one of my favorite summer activities.

It was the perfect day. Just on the verge of being too hot, but with a nice breeze.

Ryan stuffed himself with raspberries. It was the first time he liked them.
16+ pounds altogether. Made lots of freezer jam for the coming year.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Summer Day at the Zoo

Friday afternoon I took both boys to the zoo. Despite it being pretty crowded, we had a great time!

We saw a few animals on the way to the grassy lawn where we had a picnic. After we ate, Jake ran around on the grass (and made a friend who ran around with him) while Ryan played with the stroller and I relaxed on the blanket in the sunshine.
Then we went to see the elephants inside the elephant viewing area. The look on Ryan's face when he saw the mama and baby elephant eating together was priceless. I hurriedly got out my camera and was able to capture a little bit of that awe on his face.
Both boys looking at the elephants.
Jake was so happy to be at the zoo!
Ryan enjoyed his time in the stroller, but after awhile he was tired and had enough. I was smart enough to have the yamo carrier with me so he spent the second half of our time at the zoo on me.
We got to see all 3 lions out and lying in the sun!
We also saw the rhino, hippos, zebra, giraffe, monkeys, bats, sea lion, and otter. Stretch!

After 2.5 hours, we headed home, happy.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Random July Pictures

He's still my baby even if he's 5.
Grocery shopping. Ryan's first time sitting in the cart. So cute!
Exhausted after the Fair.
They were laughing at the bubbles on top of each other's heads.
Just playing.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

'Picnic' with Friends

We had some friends come over for the afternoon -- we had been planning on a hike and picnic but it was pouring rain so we had an indoor 'picnic' instead.

All the kids were delighted to have an afternoon with playmates!
Ryan and Arielle, who were born 2 days apart (September 30 and 28, respectively).
Tree, who was born 2.5 months later. He crawls on his back like an inchworm.
Peekaboo Walter.
Daddy and son.
Daddy and daughter.
Superhero boys!
It was hilarious to find all three littles doing the same thing at the same time.
We had a great time! Alethea, Arielle, Steven, Lee, Jake, Mike, Ryan, Walter, Mike, Tiffany, and Tree.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Pea Bounty

So grateful for the bounty from the garden!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Oregon Country Fair 2011 - 5th Year

This year marked our 5th year going to the fair -- the first 2 years we went for the day only, the next 3 we camped. We were all excited! Jake remembered it from the last 2 years. This was Ryan's first year and he camped like a pro.

Drove down on Thursday with the futon on top of the car (it was worth it -- very comfortable and much easier to deal with a nursing baby than on an air mattress!) Arrived at Zumwalt.
Set up our brand new tent. We were so excited! It sleeps 8 and gives us plenty of room for our beds and our bags and we could stand up in it. Camping in style!
Ryan was happy to see his friend Porter.
Mini-tent peekaboo.
We camped with 11 other families and set up a community kitchen like we do every year. Then most of the families participate in meal-sharing. This meant I only had to cook 1 meal out of 5 while camping. Really nice!!
Jake shows off his tattoos -- one of the moms brought a whole bunch of them and the kids loved putting them on.
Hello, happy to be here!
Essence of the Fair.
Good morning! (Friday morning)

Cleaning up from making breakfast for everyone.

Friday -- to the Fair!!
We first saw the Banana Slug band. Was fun.
Tofu Palace for our first meal of this year's Fair.
Wasn't too long before the boys needed to crash due to the excitement of camping and the Fair.
After this we did make it to the show Nando, which is insanely popular and thus packed, but it was worth it.

Fair people.
Jake trying out a hula hoop at the Fair playground.
Cool cubed world.
Saturday morning at camp. We had perfect weather.
Max and Jake had a great time with Legos inside the tent.
While Ryan and Porter shared a snack.
Then to the lake on Saturday afternoon.


There was a singalong that Ryan and Jake enjoyed listening to.
Then the kids put on a skit.
The skit was about a candy shop. They had three Dads come and be the candy shop (arms raised in the air). Then the kids went up to the owner of the shop (girl in the pink hat) and asked her if she had a particular candy (chocolate, bubble gum, gummy bears, etc.) and each time she answered no. Finally all the kids went up and asked what kind of candy she did have. Her response, just some 'suckers.' Har har.


Ellie and I took Jake, Max, Ryan, and Porter to see the belly dancers. Max and Jake were really cute and sat up front together.
Sunday morning - packing up the camp.
And then back to the Fair to enjoy another day there! I liked this Native American costume.
Salmon burgers and fries!
Ryan's first time trying a french fry.
We had fun watching this magician.

We went to Chela Mela Meadow and hung out under the big tree. The Monkey Palace right next to the tree has kid-oriented shows, and we had fun listening/watching. Then they announced they were doing a kid's talent show. Jake immediately wanted to be in it! When I asked him what talent he was going to show, he thought for a moment and then said "somersault!" Okay then! So he went up and stood in line with other kids and waited his turn. Some of the other kids sang or danced. When it was Jake's turn he did one somersault. Then when people started clapping he came to us and rolled his eyes. I think next time he'll pick another talent, although it is so cool that he did this!
Right after the talent show.
Playing while resting and people-watching.
After grabbing some coconut bliss ice cream (vanilla for Jake, chocolate for me), we made our way to the Main Stage to see the band March Fourth. We got front-row seats in order to see the interpreter and then had a great time!!
The music was awesome and they had these wonderful stilt walkers.

Who also did some fabulous pole dancing moves.
While Mike and I watched, Ryan alternated between nursing and playing with various objects from our backpack.
And Jake slept!!!
Back through the Fair. Where's Waldo?
We picked up some pizza for Mike and Jake, then meal from Tofu Palace for me, and some cookies for the ride home. Then we made our way back to the car (about an 8 minute walk).
Starting the drive home. Happy -- we had so much fun!