Sunday, July 17, 2011

'Picnic' with Friends

We had some friends come over for the afternoon -- we had been planning on a hike and picnic but it was pouring rain so we had an indoor 'picnic' instead.

All the kids were delighted to have an afternoon with playmates!
Ryan and Arielle, who were born 2 days apart (September 30 and 28, respectively).
Tree, who was born 2.5 months later. He crawls on his back like an inchworm.
Peekaboo Walter.
Daddy and son.
Daddy and daughter.
Superhero boys!
It was hilarious to find all three littles doing the same thing at the same time.
We had a great time! Alethea, Arielle, Steven, Lee, Jake, Mike, Ryan, Walter, Mike, Tiffany, and Tree.

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Thea said...

Sweet! I especially love the photo of all three babies teething at the same time. :) Great seeing you all too!

Alethea, Steven & Arielle