Friday, July 22, 2011

Summer Day at the Zoo

Friday afternoon I took both boys to the zoo. Despite it being pretty crowded, we had a great time!

We saw a few animals on the way to the grassy lawn where we had a picnic. After we ate, Jake ran around on the grass (and made a friend who ran around with him) while Ryan played with the stroller and I relaxed on the blanket in the sunshine.
Then we went to see the elephants inside the elephant viewing area. The look on Ryan's face when he saw the mama and baby elephant eating together was priceless. I hurriedly got out my camera and was able to capture a little bit of that awe on his face.
Both boys looking at the elephants.
Jake was so happy to be at the zoo!
Ryan enjoyed his time in the stroller, but after awhile he was tired and had enough. I was smart enough to have the yamo carrier with me so he spent the second half of our time at the zoo on me.
We got to see all 3 lions out and lying in the sun!
We also saw the rhino, hippos, zebra, giraffe, monkeys, bats, sea lion, and otter. Stretch!

After 2.5 hours, we headed home, happy.

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