Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ryan -- 14 Months

Dear Playful, Sweet Son, 
Big things happened this month! You went from tottering around to walking to learning to walk faster! And you got 2 top teeth! Well, the teeth are still working their way out/down, but you can definitely see both pearly whites peeking through. I think you've already started using them to help you chew your food. When we are in the kitchen you LOVE to help mama and daddy out by letting us know if the toast has popped or the oven timer is beeping; you do this with very empathetic pointing and body language and then are delighted when we understand what you're pointing at and thank you. Too cute. Also every night before we start eating dinner you sign "thank you" to remind us to say grace before our meal. 
This month you've really moved away from toys to... the kitchen drawers. It's really nice that they keep you happily entertained but boy do you like to make a mess, especially with my storage bags drawer. But that's okay, I know you won't be doing that forever. The baking supplies, pots and pans, and bags of herbs are also fun to play with.

You've finally shown an interest in reading books. Now you will sit in our laps and actually tolerate reading a book for more than 2 pages. It helps if we talk about the pictures rather than reading the words (you would think I'd never done this before). 
It's so cute when we see you grab a book and find a place to settle and read it.
Playtime with your brother and Daddy is always awesome.
Now that you can walk, it is so much more fun to be outside! 
This month Aunt Jeanie came twice to take care of you (and Jake) so mama could work. You had a fabulous time going down to the village in the stroller, playing on the swings, eating Thai food, and visiting the shops.
More playing with Daddy.
Jake got a new booster seat as an early Christmas present. You think sitting in it is the bee's knees!
It's been such an exciting month. You discovered that your favorite way to sleep is on your belly, with your butt in the air. Adorable. For some reason you love socks and often will carry one around the house. It doesn't matter who the sock belongs to, but your own socks are your favorite for bringing into the shower (!) to play with.
You also gained a greater awareness of yourself this month. While looking into a mirror, you pointed to your reflection and then pointed to yourself. It was so amazing to see that self-awareness come to you! Now you point to things that you want and then point to yourself. Couldn't be any clearer!

We love you, Ryan, it's so much fun to see you grow.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

We had a quiet, relaxing Thanksgiving at our house. There was a storm brewing outside but we were all cozy inside and having fun together. After a yummy breakfast (Dutch Baby) we cleaned up a bit and then Daddy and baby had a nap while child watched a movie and I went for a run in the blustery, refreshing weather. After showers, we dressed, took 10 minutes to all run around cleaning the upstairs at the same time, then went downstairs to snack and start cooking the big meal.

I was so excited to make these Harvest Pies. They came out great! 
 Sitting down for our meal.
 Corn Chowder, Harvest Pie, and Brussel sprouts with hazelnuts. Fabulous!
 The Harvest Pies had roasted butternut squash, roasted cranberries, potatoes, onions, carrots, wine, and seasonings. Served in a homemade pie crust with some gravy on the side. (Next year I will make my own gravy, this one wasn't very pleasing.)
 Then the pumpkin pie which was amazing. It has FOUR ingredients in the filling. Cashews, pumpkin puree, maple syrup, and pumpkin pie spice.
 It sliced perfectly and beautifully!
We ended the day with a bit of movie-watching and bathtime and an easy bedtime :)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Just Because

Two cute pictures just because.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Vee Photo Shoot 2011

For the 5th year now we had Amy Wilbanks take our family photos! Here are some of our favorites, although there were lots that I did not include here. 

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween 2011


I am so not a costume person although I'd like to be in the future when I have more time/not so young children. At least I still tried to dress for the holiday. Jake was so surprised when he saw me wearing this -- I haven't been able to wear it in about 3 years :)
Ryan loved playing with the gutted pumpkin.
Love the spider on my mom's head! We were at Jake's school to watch the all-school Halloween parade.

I love this frowny face.
Here comes the parade! Lead by the principal.
Jake's teacher, Sra. Lagos. I think she's supposed to be Mary Poppins.
There's Jake Buzz Lightyear!
Who would not look in our direction despite us calling his name.
The parade came back through again.
Jake's friend Douglas as Iron Man.
There he is again!
And he finally saw us!
Home after school for a costume change and to get ready for trick or treating in the Village.
We got there nice and early and went through the shops. 
Everyone liked their astronaut costumes.
Back home again, richer by a bucket of candy. Jake and Daddy put a face on the pumpkin.

Then we went to Skylar's house for dinner and a pre-trick or treat party. Then the 4 kids went out and got another bucketload of candy.
Ima, Mia, Skylar, and Jake. (Yes, Jake changed his costume AGAIN and was Spider-Man. He couldn't decide among his costumes...)