Wednesday, July 31, 2013

July Pictures

July! Summer! Hot weather! Random Pictures!

Neighbors all playing together.

 Because July is a totally appropriate time to take the ski helmet and goggles out of the closet...
 Water gun fight!

An afternoon in Jamison Park in the Pearl.

 Hot sleepy afternoon.
 Cake and Legos always make a boy happy.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

OCF 2013 Part 3 (Sunday)

Back to the Fair for the final day on Sunday!
Jake, Ryan, Max, and Porter sat and watched a show for a good 30 minutes.

Then the Vees were off walking around the Fair, seeing the sights.

Random parade.

More ice cream.

I neeeeeeed a fork!
Tree people.
Funny performer.
They put a bird on it.
And we finally found poi balls for Jake!
Practicing... the woman in the hat is a poi ball expert and was giving instructions.

After that Jake was utterly exhausted. Took a rare nap!
And I nursed a child for the very last time at the Fair, ever. Bittersweet. 
Pretty girls.

While we were headed out, we stopped and played the Save the Unicorn "video game". It was awesome.

Jake saved the unicorn! Doing the pledge.

Then he received a ticket that said "Spaced Ship Boarding Pass: The bearer of this ticket is hereby entitled to one trippy trip ... on board "CAPTAIN DRIFT'S" Spaced Cruiser, the "ALMOST REAL". The cruiser leaves from SPACEDPORT 13XZ9, located On the Dark Side of the MOON, and departs on the 7th Saturday of each month at 2700."
Ryan's turn.

Goodbye to another year.

When we got back to our car, we found it would not start. Turns out that the little guy had been playing in the car before we left the campsite, and had put the parking lights on. We didn't notice, and they got left on from 11am until we returned at 8pm to a dead car. We couldn't use Ellie's jumper cables, because the car was boxed in on all sides by other parked cars, and the cables weren't long enough to reach from anywhere to the front of our car. So we waited for the owners of one of the surrounding cars to come and help out. However, before that happened, 2 OCF staff members rode up on horses; one horse was white with a mane and tail that was dyed pink and purple. They asked if we needed help, and after we explained the situation they radioed to the other staff. After about 5 minutes, a jeep pulled up and 5 staff members piled out with an extra, extra long jumper cable. One staff member was there for the sole purpose of entertaining Jake and Ryan, which was so awesome! The other guys worked with Mike to get the car jumped. At 8:30pm we were finally on our way, and this happened within 5 minutes of leaving. Home at 10:30pm, tired and happy.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

OCF 2013 Part 2 (Friday and Saturday)

Time to head to the bus to the Fair! As usual, everyone was excited.
 Max with his poi balls. Jake really wanted some so we spent both days at the Fair looking for them!

 We came here to hang out and wait for the next show, eat some snacks, and put more glitter on.

 It was a superhero/ninja/acrobatic show.

 Then we found a new mask for Ryan, who LOVES masks.

 Hanging out in Chela Mela under the big tree -- our "home" spot at the Fair every year.
 Jake really wanted a snow cone (they're made with natural food flavor/coloring!) He had to work for it first - pedaling the bicycle is how the big block of ice gets shaved for your cone.

Ryan opted for a chocolate coconut ice cream bar instead. 
 Mike finally got a beautiful new kilt that he's wanted. We thought this hat looked great with it, but didn't get it. Another year. Gotta have a Fair outfit!
 Making music.

Saturday! Time to stay at the campsite and play. We put the boys to work.
 Headed for the beach by the lake!

 Lovely women that I'm so lucky to know and hang with!

 More playing at the campsite...