Monday, September 30, 2013

Ryan is THREE

Dear Ryan, 

You are three years old now. You have officially transitioned from toodler-hood to preschooler age. You have a strong-willed, fierce personality that keeps me and your Daddy on our toes -- we are either laughing at how funny and amazing you are, or working hard at figuring out how to best work with the little person you are. 
You love to dress up, to pretend to be other things, especially a superhero or a ninja. Occasionally you're some kind of animal (such as a cat when lapping water), but mostly you just like to show off your awesome fighting moves and poses. This is a part of you liking to be very physical - you love to run, jump, climb, and move as hard and as much as possible -- it's what keeps you happy uses up the energy you have each day. Lately you and Daddy have been wrestling a lot, and Jake sometimes joins in as well. I also love it that you love to help me bake, and you spend lots of time reading and watching shows. 
Speaking of moving - you've become amazing on your balance bike when we go to BBR. You're now riding down hills with your feet off the ground, and you love it. I know you can't wait to start doing some of the activities that Jake does - soccer, skiing, gymnastics, etc. Next year you'll start on many of those!
I'm so happy you're such a healthy, strong little boy. You had your first dentist and eye doctor appointments, and everything looks great. At dinnertime you love to help us say our blessing - "Thank you for this food, may it nourish us and keep us healthy and strong." 
You're strong, and you're also a little guy with big emotions. You go along happily most of the day until you have feelings that need to get out, and then you REALLY show us what they are. We are learning to help you process those in safe and healthy ways. But when you're happy, you are the funniest, most dynamic boy who loves to make people laugh. We love you so much, Ryan!

Happy Birthday, Ryan!

 Ryan's friend Porter came over to help celebrate his birthday.
Opening his present from Porter.
 Porter's mom, Ellie, made him his own beautiful cape! She made one for Jake years ago that Ryan loves to wear, and now he has his own with an "R" on it instead of a "J".

 Happy boy. Now having a vanilla cupcake with chocolate chips, which he loves.

 Ryan, Porter, Jake, and Max all enjoying cupcakes.

 The next day Ryan had his birthday celebration at school. Teacher Lydia is lighting the candle so he can walk around the months while holding the globe.
"The earth goes around the sun. The earth goes around the sun. It takes one year for the earth to go around, and then Ryan turned 1 (2, 3)."
 The birthday poster I made to show his class.