Saturday, September 28, 2013

Family Birthday Party

Birthday time! Time to celebrate Ryan's birthday, Lee's birthday, and Mom/Gramma's birthday.

That weekend Amy came up to join the celebrations (no idea why there are no pictures of her, sad!) There was also a big storm that weekend - high winds and lots of rain. 

We arrived at my parent's house and the power had recently gone out. Luckily, we were still able to cook the dinner using the grill and gas stove, but we were out of luck for using the oven to bake the cake!

You can see all the candles behind the boys in this picture -- power was out and it was starting to get darker.
But we still had family! And presents! 

We got lucky - the power came back on just before serving dinner, and we were able to throw the cake in the oven and it baked while we ate. Then we had chocolate zucchini cake and sang Happy Birthday 3 times! 

Aunt Amy's gift to Ryan - this wonderful mini-trampoline!

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