Monday, September 30, 2013

Happy Birthday, Ryan!

 Ryan's friend Porter came over to help celebrate his birthday.
Opening his present from Porter.
 Porter's mom, Ellie, made him his own beautiful cape! She made one for Jake years ago that Ryan loves to wear, and now he has his own with an "R" on it instead of a "J".

 Happy boy. Now having a vanilla cupcake with chocolate chips, which he loves.

 Ryan, Porter, Jake, and Max all enjoying cupcakes.

 The next day Ryan had his birthday celebration at school. Teacher Lydia is lighting the candle so he can walk around the months while holding the globe.
"The earth goes around the sun. The earth goes around the sun. It takes one year for the earth to go around, and then Ryan turned 1 (2, 3)."
 The birthday poster I made to show his class.

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