Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween 2011


I am so not a costume person although I'd like to be in the future when I have more time/not so young children. At least I still tried to dress for the holiday. Jake was so surprised when he saw me wearing this -- I haven't been able to wear it in about 3 years :)
Ryan loved playing with the gutted pumpkin.
Love the spider on my mom's head! We were at Jake's school to watch the all-school Halloween parade.

I love this frowny face.
Here comes the parade! Lead by the principal.
Jake's teacher, Sra. Lagos. I think she's supposed to be Mary Poppins.
There's Jake Buzz Lightyear!
Who would not look in our direction despite us calling his name.
The parade came back through again.
Jake's friend Douglas as Iron Man.
There he is again!
And he finally saw us!
Home after school for a costume change and to get ready for trick or treating in the Village.
We got there nice and early and went through the shops. 
Everyone liked their astronaut costumes.
Back home again, richer by a bucket of candy. Jake and Daddy put a face on the pumpkin.

Then we went to Skylar's house for dinner and a pre-trick or treat party. Then the 4 kids went out and got another bucketload of candy.
Ima, Mia, Skylar, and Jake. (Yes, Jake changed his costume AGAIN and was Spider-Man. He couldn't decide among his costumes...)

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tori vigil said...

Too funny - so many costume changes! At least he wasn't changing and hitting up the same candy givers over and over...I think that happens when they're older. "/