Saturday, July 30, 2011

Ryan - 10 Months

Dear Ryan,

10 months already?! You are the cutest 10 month old I know. You spent the month working on your big motor skills -- becoming an expert crawler and learning to pull yourself up to a standing position. When you crawl, it is mostly with the crab crawl, one leg sliding while the other leg pushes you along. Jake crawled the same way, although you sometimes do the traditional crawl where both knees alternate sliding forward.

You love to eat. You pretty much have 3 'meals' a day plus snacks and have developed a lot of the signs that you use most often around food. "More" (clapping hands together) and "all finished" (waving hands back and forth, like a bird beating its wings) are obvious now. Sometimes you also sign "down," "mama," "water," "food." There is also waving for "hi" and "bye." Very exciting. More than one person has heard you say "da" and "mama" as well.
Everyday is a chance to play and explore the world. You never tire of crawling around and finding things to do. Sometimes Jake plays with you and you are delighted! A favorite game for the 2 of you is to have you sit inside a box while Jake pushes you around.
Cars are a big hit with you. You love to push them along while you crawl.
And the spiderman ball. I can't believe how good you are about playing ball back and forth with someone else.
You are just so cute.
And most of the time totally happy.
Yes, you recently got into the toilet paper. The roll is going to sit on top of the toilet for awhile.
Saying "hi" while standing!
You are delighted with your ability to pull yourself up to a standing position, and have been doing nothing else over the last few days.
Ryan we love having you with us, and you are very much a part of this family. Sure, it's annoying that you make a beeline for the dishwasher every time we open it (consequently, we can only load/unload it when you are elsewhere) and you like to close doors and I worry about you getting stuck on the other side, but your assertiveness with exploring is pretty wonderful! Also, the kisses and cuddles we get from you make my heart melt.
Keep growing, my strong, healthy, smart boy!

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Keri said...

I concur with you...Ryan is SO very cute! Thanks for sharing pics...I love seeing him grow and reading updates about him. =)