Monday, July 11, 2011

Oregon Country Fair 2011 - 5th Year

This year marked our 5th year going to the fair -- the first 2 years we went for the day only, the next 3 we camped. We were all excited! Jake remembered it from the last 2 years. This was Ryan's first year and he camped like a pro.

Drove down on Thursday with the futon on top of the car (it was worth it -- very comfortable and much easier to deal with a nursing baby than on an air mattress!) Arrived at Zumwalt.
Set up our brand new tent. We were so excited! It sleeps 8 and gives us plenty of room for our beds and our bags and we could stand up in it. Camping in style!
Ryan was happy to see his friend Porter.
Mini-tent peekaboo.
We camped with 11 other families and set up a community kitchen like we do every year. Then most of the families participate in meal-sharing. This meant I only had to cook 1 meal out of 5 while camping. Really nice!!
Jake shows off his tattoos -- one of the moms brought a whole bunch of them and the kids loved putting them on.
Hello, happy to be here!
Essence of the Fair.
Good morning! (Friday morning)

Cleaning up from making breakfast for everyone.

Friday -- to the Fair!!
We first saw the Banana Slug band. Was fun.
Tofu Palace for our first meal of this year's Fair.
Wasn't too long before the boys needed to crash due to the excitement of camping and the Fair.
After this we did make it to the show Nando, which is insanely popular and thus packed, but it was worth it.

Fair people.
Jake trying out a hula hoop at the Fair playground.
Cool cubed world.
Saturday morning at camp. We had perfect weather.
Max and Jake had a great time with Legos inside the tent.
While Ryan and Porter shared a snack.
Then to the lake on Saturday afternoon.


There was a singalong that Ryan and Jake enjoyed listening to.
Then the kids put on a skit.
The skit was about a candy shop. They had three Dads come and be the candy shop (arms raised in the air). Then the kids went up to the owner of the shop (girl in the pink hat) and asked her if she had a particular candy (chocolate, bubble gum, gummy bears, etc.) and each time she answered no. Finally all the kids went up and asked what kind of candy she did have. Her response, just some 'suckers.' Har har.


Ellie and I took Jake, Max, Ryan, and Porter to see the belly dancers. Max and Jake were really cute and sat up front together.
Sunday morning - packing up the camp.
And then back to the Fair to enjoy another day there! I liked this Native American costume.
Salmon burgers and fries!
Ryan's first time trying a french fry.
We had fun watching this magician.

We went to Chela Mela Meadow and hung out under the big tree. The Monkey Palace right next to the tree has kid-oriented shows, and we had fun listening/watching. Then they announced they were doing a kid's talent show. Jake immediately wanted to be in it! When I asked him what talent he was going to show, he thought for a moment and then said "somersault!" Okay then! So he went up and stood in line with other kids and waited his turn. Some of the other kids sang or danced. When it was Jake's turn he did one somersault. Then when people started clapping he came to us and rolled his eyes. I think next time he'll pick another talent, although it is so cool that he did this!
Right after the talent show.
Playing while resting and people-watching.
After grabbing some coconut bliss ice cream (vanilla for Jake, chocolate for me), we made our way to the Main Stage to see the band March Fourth. We got front-row seats in order to see the interpreter and then had a great time!!
The music was awesome and they had these wonderful stilt walkers.

Who also did some fabulous pole dancing moves.
While Mike and I watched, Ryan alternated between nursing and playing with various objects from our backpack.
And Jake slept!!!
Back through the Fair. Where's Waldo?
We picked up some pizza for Mike and Jake, then meal from Tofu Palace for me, and some cookies for the ride home. Then we made our way back to the car (about an 8 minute walk).
Starting the drive home. Happy -- we had so much fun!

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tedword said...

Oregon Country Fair is the best ever! I stayed at zumwalt too and am in one of your pictures as waldo (Both great first experiences) Check out my photos from the fair at there are 3 albums :)