Tuesday, August 16, 2011


This past weekend we had no plans on Saturday afternoon and Sunday's planned day-trip to the beach got cancelled due to cold, wet beach weather. Saturday just after lunch it dawned on me that with the cool weekend temperatures, it was the perfect time to do the garage clean-out/re-organization that we'd been planning to do for awhile.

So we got started... we made piles -- garbage, electronic waste, Goodwill, etc.
The boys played. We even found play sand that we'd forgotten about and made a little sandbox that kept them occupied for a long time.
End of Saturday/start of Sunday.
Sunday afternoon. One car back in the garage!
Even better, now room for the second car.
The final result.
The garage wasn't that bad to begin with; we were able to get both cars in before we even started. So you may ask what prompted this? Well, before this, we could only open 3 car doors on the Subaru while inside the garage, one door was blocked because of the big white cabinet. This wasn't a problem before Ryan was born, but with 2 car seats in the car, Jake's had to be moved over. What Jake has been doing the last 10 months is he had to crawl under Ryan's car seat to get in and out of the car, and then I would buckle him up through the open window (which doesn't even go all the way down). This worked but was a bit annoying.
Good thing Jake is limber! But, he is growing and is not finding it quite as easy to get in and out as he once did.
Now he can open the door on his side!

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Aaron said...

I dig your garage!