Saturday, August 20, 2011

2011 Multnomah Days

It was time for Multnomah Days, including the parade, again! Mike went down early with chairs, iPhone, and got some coffee and nabbed a spot in the shade for us (it was a day that was predicted to get up to 90, which it did).

By chance, Ali and Skylar joined us for the parade-watching.

You can see Jake waving his arm "throw candy my way!!" He had his arm up practically the whole parade. Very cute.

Our gang.
Kids scrambling for candy.

Home from the parade with a slightly-smeared shark and cherry-red lips from a popsicle. Fun!
That afternoon Mike and I rolled up our sleeves, donned aprons, and processed about 80 peaches. We got Jake to take a picture of us.

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