Sunday, August 21, 2011

Not-Beach Trip

Every summer we try to get to the beach at least once for a beach day. It's tricky because the Oregon beaches are very finicky with their summer weather. We'd already been thwarted the weekend before ... and we were thwarted again.

Going to the beach, everything looked good. The Apple weather app showed 70's with a sun. It was beautiful, hot, and sunny on the drive there. 3 of us already had sunscreen slathered all over, and we were excited. Then, just ONE mile from the beach: cold, wet, misty fog. Noooooooooo!! We were at Cannon Beach at that point but up north it looked nice and sunny, so we decided to try our luck at Seaside. Apparently many other people had the same idea as there was traffic and we slowly crawled toward Seaside. Yuck. However, when we got there it looked good so we found a public parking garage and got all of our stuff and headed out. As soon as we got out of the parking garage, the cold, misty fog hit us and it was cold and not sunny. DRAT! So disappointing. So we all got back into the car and decided to find a state park to eat lunch.

Got back on 26 heading east and after a few miles turned off into Klootchy Creek County Park. It was beautiful and sunny and warm but not hot. Perfect!

We were happier than we look in this picture. It was a nice picnic spot and we kicked a soccer ball for awhile after we ate.
We found a little hiking loop trail that ended at this tree.

Then we went to the creek. We couldn't believe how perfect it was for playing!

Ryan loved picking up the rocks and throwing them into the water.

We played in the water for a couple hours. It was a wonderful afternoon.

Jake liked finding the tiny little fish in the water.

Then we headed home. When we got closer to Portland, we saw the thermostat on the car going up, and up, and up and realized that where we spent the afternoon couldn't have been more perfect -- we were able to be in the sun without overheating, which is what would have happened had we been in Portland.

We got home, showered, and headed back out to my friend Sara's house for a small dinner party. Guthrie and his mom cooked us a fantastic meal.
I love their backyard/deck overlooking the Willamette River.
Wonderful day!

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