Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ryan -- 11 Months

Dear Ryan,
 This month has been so much fun!  Your first tooth, your bottom right tooth, decided to show up, but even when it did it came in s l o w l y. I hope that tooth, as sharp as it is, is helping you chew your food because you are a voracious eater! You love to eat so many things, especially black olives, fresh and dried strawberries, cereal, peaches and just this month, bananas. You also discovered that you really like using Jake's old sippy cup (which was missing a piece, which I finally replaced so you could use it), and now you drink water out of that. One time Mommy went out for a night with some friends, and you had a bit of Mommy's milk in the sippy cup, and that worked out just fine.

It's fun to see you being such a happy, active little boy. You discovered the stairs this month, much to our amazement and exasperation. The gate on the bottom of the stairs quickly went up when we found the missing pieces to that, but every chance you get, you exercise by crawling up the stairs. You also LOVE music, and most days will demand we play music by directing us to the music player. 'Bananaphone' is your favorite, and you haven't gotten tired yet of hearing that one. You like some others as well. Luckily, you and Jake have the same taste in music at the moment!

Lots of work on your gross motor skills this month! Lots of pulling yourself up to a standing position, walking along while holding onto furniture, seeing the various ways your body can move. Also lots of bumps and falls and bruises but nothing some cuddles and milk can't cure.

It's been a fun August. We've spent quite a few days out in the backyard, with you enjoying the little baby pool. Although, with the heat this month, bedtimes have not always been easy. You do not like to sleep when it is hot. Previously, if you were filled up with milk but still not asleep, I could stand up and rock you to sleep. All of a sudden this month you were having NONE OF THAT. No matter how sleepy you were or not, you kicked and screamed and flung your little body about and simply. refused. to. be. rocked. So Mommy had to work with you to get you to sleep other ways. Not easy!

At least it is easy to entertain you during the day. You enjoy playing with anything that is not a baby toy. But you really go nuts for balls. You love any size ball and if someone else has it you strongly let us know that you want it! Your throwing and passing skills are already amazing.

Ryan, we love you so much, and more every day. You are very much a part of our family. I love seeing both yours and Jake's smiling faces in the back seat of the car and anywhere else. I'm so glad you love to be carried in the Yamo or any of the other slings we have. Your sweetness is just as great as your assertiveness -- you figured out how to give us raspberries along with kisses! You love your Mommy, Daddy, and Jake equally, and will go to any one of us depending on your mood. You laugh (most of the time) when Jake picks you up and carries you, and demand to be included in everything (which is only right!) Keep growing, sweet baby, soon we'll celebrate your first birthday!

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His hair looks ginger in these pics!