Tuesday, September 6, 2011

BBR Summertime! Part 1

Jake, Ryan, and I recently spent 11 days in Central Oregon for an end-of-the-summer vacation. We mostly had a fantastic time.

Friday afternoon the 3 of us, plus Mike and Guthrie arrived. That night, Guthrie taught Mike and me the dice game "And Rollin'." It was so much fun (and addictive)! It became the game of the vacation.
Mike kept getting all straights so Guthrie made this face.
Jake found a pair of funky sunglasses hidden in one of the bunk room drawers. We think they may have belonged to Tyler.
It was in the 80's/90's over the weekend, which made for fantastic pool weather. 
And helped wear out the baby.

There was fire in the area while we were there. (Called the Shadow Lake fire.) We could go and see the smoke, and some days it was smokey/hazy, and on a couple days ash rained down, but mostly it was not a problem on the ranch.

Happy! He drove this thing up and down the driveway and even around the house multiple times/days.

We had a dance party on the deck one night with glow sticks.

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