Friday, September 9, 2011

Jake's First Day of Kindergarten

Today Jake started Kindergarten. He is attending a public school with an awesome Spanish-immersion program that is just 4 blocks from my parent's house. We had to go through the lottery to get in. First preference goes to siblings in the program and in-district residents. We are out of district, but live only a 10 minute drive away. In May we found out we'd gotten a spot on the wait list and were listed as #3! (There are about 180 applicants for 52 spots. 20 make the wait list.) It wasn't until August 25th that we got the call that a position had opened up for Jake. Yes!

My Kindergartener!
'I'm not going to school! I don't want my picture taken! I'm still brushing my tooth!'
Entering the hallway outside his classroom.
Happy to see his friends Luna and Diego and their little brother in the tie-dye.
Here I go! School day is from 8 to 2:15.
Inside the classroom. After checking on Diego and Luna and then being re-introduced to Douglas (on the left in the glasses), Jake sat down and began playing with plastic-colored worms. We said good-bye and everything was fine. I love how confident and social he is.
After school I had freshly-made chocolate chips and almond milk in the car. Jake was thrilled. He'd had a great day and sat with Douglas at lunch and played 'Superheros' with him during recess, and they had a fantastic time. He thinks his teacher, Sra. Lagos, is really, really, really nice and doesn't think they spoke any Spanish today :)

After school. Quiet, restful play time.
I think he's really handsome! <3

Well of course I look cool. Now bring me a banana.

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Unknown said...

So sweet. It really brought a tear for both Joe and me. It really does seem like you blink and they are parents themselves! I know you have heard that before, but it really is true. Glad it went well and that Douglas is in Jake's class.