Wednesday, September 7, 2011

BBR Summertime! Part 2

More games of And Rollin', with chocolate sourdough cake on that night. Soooo yummmmy.
And games of Parcheesi.
Getting ready for another afternoon at the pool.

The kitchen curtains turned out to be highly entertaining.

Monday Mike worked in Bend. After he returned and had dinner, he and Guthrie headed back to Portland. I had all day Tuesday alone with the boys before my parents arrived. I decided to make a day of it so we rented a bike trailer and planned a long afternoon outing.

We biked to the Big Meadow. From left to right, 3-Fingered Jack, Mt. Jefferson, and the slope of Black Butte.

We saw this path which is new and thought we'd check it out (despite the warning).
Black Butte.
Jake is learning to take pictures, which I love!
We then rode across the bumpy bridge to Paulina Springs.

Jake worked on what he called "rock balancing."

Then we ate a picnic lunch. So pretty.
Side story -- between the Big Meadow and the bumpy bridge, I spotted on the bike path some cow dung which looked on the fresh side. This was very strange. Nearby was a wooden step ladder that straddled a fence. I wondered. Later, as we were picnicking at Paulina Springs, a BBR worker approached me and asked if I'd seen a cow! A cow had somehow escaped. Hilarious.

Then we rode over to the Lodge area to the sand playground and played there for an hour or so. Jake is under the playstructure in the background.

Finally, back home. Ryan fell asleep. They really need a better design for the bike trailer/helmet combo.
Mornin'! Lying over the heat vent. It became cold during the middle of the week.

Play ball with me?

Working on a puzzle book.
We had some wonderful guests come for dinner one night.
Cooked carrots and beans for lunch.
Again came Friday, and Mike and Guthrie returned with Voodoo donuts!
The hot temperatures also returned, and we did some toenail painting.

Mike and Guthrie came back with a bike trailer from a friend of mine that she didn't want/wasn't using. (Many thanks, E!!) We had a fun family bike ride before going to the pool with a picnic lunch.
We left on Monday, to get back to town for getting ready for school and work.

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Jstar said...

what a perfect bike ride! i love adventures like that with my boys