Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Glasses for Jake

A few months ago, Jake started complaining of headaches. Since then, I have been trying to figure out why. Finally, through the process of elimination, I took him to the eye doctor at the end of July. None of us had noticed any vision problems, but I decided to make sure. Lo and behold, he needed glasses and his headaches have pretty much gone away. Yay!
The reason this was so hard to figure out is because his right eye is 20/20 while his left eye is farsighted at about 20/60. He was using both eyes together to focus, and thus had been doing just fine seeing things. But his eye and brain sometimes had to work really hard to focus, especially when focusing on the same thing for a while, like a movie, hence the headaches.
So now he is wearing these cute glasses. He is doing really well with them. They are mostly needed for home and school, so he doesn't need to wear them when he's on the playground or other situations where they could get bent or broken (whew!)
I think he's quite handsome in his glasses!


Keri said...

YES, those glasses really suit him! Such a handsome boy! That reminds me, I need to bring Loch in for an eye check (my eye doc said that at age 5 is the norm for the first check-up unless problems come up beforehand). My family has HORRIBLE eyesight-like blind as a bat so my kids may get that from me. =/

Jstar said...

He DOES look very handsome! I have the same type of eyesight. One eye is fine and the other terrible. I rarely wear my glasses and when I get a headache it is always behind my bad eye!