Saturday, October 30, 2010

Ryan - 1 Month

Dear Ryan,

Today you are 1 month old. It was just a short time ago that you arrived and yet you have always been with us. You have changed our lives and we are so happy to have you as a part of our family.

You are the sweetest baby, and since you were a week old you have loved to give us smiles. It has been really amazing to talk with you and get so many smiles and have you copy our facial expressions. You especially love it when you get to play "stick out your tongue at me and I'll copy you."

Your level of eye contact and communication is amazing. Daddy has been noticing your ability to sign "milk" since you were a week and a half old. Your brother, Jake, is able to tell, from your cries, whether you want milk or a clean diaper.

You have been a good sleeper, and I love sleeping with you. Starting at 3 weeks old you decided that 3am was a good time to party, and your favorite activity is dinner and dancing (with lots of diaper changes). You've been forcing mama to get her exercise in the middle of the night, as I dance around in the other bedroom while singing, willing you to go back to sleep so we can crawl back into bed. Hopefully this phase won't last too much longer! I have recently discovered that when you are tired but crabby, sometimes you like best to fall asleep in your swing. This is strange for me as I'm so used to the idea of keeping my baby in my arms at all times, but I need to honor what you like to do. I'm thankful that you do like to be carried in the wrap on mama's body, something that Jake was not too crazy about (maybe because it was summer). I love having you in the wrap while I do chores or be on the computer, it is so nice to have you right there with me so I can watch you sleep and kiss you anytime.

Jake loves you so much, he wants to hold you as much as you can (while sitting down) and help you have milk. I can't wait until you are a bit older and can interact with him more. It is so sweet to see the 2 of you brothers together.

And you now know and recognize your Daddy. It took a few weeks, but you smile when you see him and will sometimes lift your arms for him to take you.

All of us love you so much, sweet Ryan.


chiromama said...

Love love love! i can't wait to meet this sweet boy!

Keri said...

One month old already?! Wow, times does fly! This post got me teary-eyed...such a sweet post for your sweet boy. Enjoy the Halloween festivities today! =)

Lynne said...

Happy One Month Birthday Ryan... it is so fun to watch you grow and how wonderful to see you are getting to wear your big brother's sweater. As I remember Jake was almost too big to use it for very long.

great photos.

Shana said...

He is so precious!

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