Monday, April 18, 2011

Another BBR Weekend

One of the shortest in a while, but worth it despite the horrendous Friday afternoon rush hour traffic on the way out. Coming home Sunday night starting at the boy's bedtime was a breeze.

First time in a swing and Ryan LOVED it! It was so much fun for all of us to see him enjoying it, especially since Jake did not like it when he was that age.
Ryan has started to stick out his tongue when he is very happy. Hilarious.

Mike worked on raking up the pine needles. A big job that took most of the day but it was done! The needles have to be raked up 30 feet from the house all the way around. Much easier this year since there was less than 3+ year's worth of needles on the ground.

Late afternoon relaxation time, listening to Neil Diamond and having appetizers.

There was ping-pong, time at the pool, and general play outside.
And inside play, too!

Funny videos:

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