Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spring Break 2012 at BBR

We arrived at Black Butte on Saturday. It was tough getting everything packed up and ready to go, but we were so glad once we arrived. My parents were there the same time as us from Saturday to Monday morning.

It was fun to see the snow when we arrived. The boys had so much fun. They built a snowperson.

My parents got out the snowtube to pull Ryan around, but Ryan refused to get on it at first. So we had Jake get on.
Of course then Ryan decided he wanted to get on :)

Later, after my parents left... more playing outside but less snow.

Super skier! He had 2 lessons at Mt. Bachelor. Fun!
On the playground. It was cold but fun.
10 minutes prior to taking this picture, it was gray and snowing, with the wind blowing the snow sideways. We had *just* arrived after walking from the house. It looked/felt bad so we started heading home. 5 minutes later, the sun came out, so we turned around again and went back to play! 
Fun tube slide!

Even Ryan can go down alone!

"Meditation on the rock."

Hello, handsome.
Beautiful boy!
Now to get down...
One step at a time.
Snowball! (Can you find it?)
A moment in time of a mama.

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