Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Ryan -- 20 Months

Dear Ryan, 

You are now 20 months old. I've seen a LOT of changes and growth this month. You have simultaneously become more mobile and more snuggly. 

Fewer things make you happy than being outside, which you say "side!" while signing it. Any chance you get, you go out there and explore, dig in the dirt, and play with water. At the beginning of this month we had some hot, sunny days that felt just like summer. It was a treat, and we were all outside. You weren't too sure about Jake's old hat that I found and put on your head.

 Then you took it off and decided to chase Theo around the yard instead.

 One of the things you like to do is get right down on the floor, and just lie there. Since Jake finished his science project, you love to pull out the poster board and lie on that!

 When you're not lying around on the floor, you can be found moving around and getting UP on things, such as the dining room table. Oh boy!!

 The floor again.
 Hats are so much fun.

 Climbing into things is fun.
This time, you climbed up onto the kitchen island because you wanted more cream cheese and corn thins while mama was in the bathroom. You looked at me with a very big "I can do it myself!" smile.
This month I had to pull out the next size of pajamas for you. It's really fun seeing you wear Jake's old clothes.
Other new things that have come up this month: you finally will eat brown rice. This is a good thing. When you nurse, you insist that your shoes come off. Your top 2 canine teeth have poked through. They were not very comfortable while working their way down! You now will cross your arms and pout when you can't have something you want. It is adorable. Jake does the same thing. You LOVE dogs. When you hear a dog barking, you immediately let us know, and if you can see the dog, all the better. When we pick Jake up at school, there are often dogs/puppies there, and you love to pet them.

However, my favorite new development this past month or 2 is the fact that you now want me to sing you to sleep all the time. I always sang to Jake, but when you were younger you clearly indicated you did NOT want me to sing. This made Jake and me sad, but we honored your wishes (we just wanted you to go to sleep). Now you love it, and so I sing you and Jake to sleep every night.

Love you so much, xox.

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