Monday, December 24, 2012

BBR Christmas 2012 Part 1!

December 22, 2012, we arrived at Black Butte Ranch for a long holiday vacation. My parents arrived shortly before we did, and arrived back at the house with our Christmas tree just as we were unloading our car. Then we waited the rest of the day and into the evening for Amy and Tyler to finish their long (and snowy/rainy) drive from SF and join us. 

The boys LOVED the Christmas window decorations! Very popular the whole time we were there.

Along with all the Christmas decorations that came out of storage were the reindeer antlers. Ryan thought they were hilarious. I think we must have gotten at least 10 pictures of him wearing these, from 4 different iPhones. However, I think two is enough for the blog.

It was so wonderful to be at the ranch while there was lots of snow. The snow wasn't particularly sticky, but the boys and Papa were able to make a little snowperson. (Which they destroyed soon after we took the pictures.)

A game with Gramma.
The next morning Aunt Amy and Gramma took both boys to have breakfast with Santa at the Lodge.
They were among the very first to arrive. So they immediately went to go see Santa and talk with him. Luckily they got to spend quite a bit of time with him. When Santa asked Jake if he brushes his teeth, Jake replied with a puzzled "of course!!" Ha. 
Looking at pictures on the iPhone while waiting for breakfast.
Listening to Santa read. Note that Ryan is sitting on Jake's lap. Adorable. 
In the afternoon it was time to enjoy ALL.THE. SNOW!!

I love this family picture.

The sled was a big hit with everyone the whole week. The boys LOVED being pulled in it (they squealed in delight) and Mike and I got great workouts while pulling it!

It was so, so beautiful.
We love seeing how long the icicles can grow. 

We decorated the tree that evening.
Eating a candy cane.

All of us waving hello! (Well, except for Ryan, who was expressing normal toddler counter-will.)
Next morning on the 24th -- I loved seeing the sun making shadows of our little Christmas trees that were sitting in the window.
Amy and Tyler making jam thumbprint cookies. Santa did need some cookies!
Enjoying a special drink that Gramma made.
Ryan loves to play with the salad spinner there.

Time to hang stockings.

And eat some treats! (Cookie from the Breakfast with Santa thing.)

New pajamas!


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