Thursday, January 31, 2013

January 2013 Picture Mishmash

Boys playing with more presents received from Christmas. Jake got a cool body parts tool that came with cards naming different body parts. There were cards in about 5 different languages, including English and Spanish.
Ryan has spent hours with this wooden barn. He's much more into animals and "houses" than Jake was - Jake preferred to play with vehicles. 

More with the body parts toy.
 Mike and I were given the opportunity for a spontaneous dinner date one night. We like to document those because they don't happen often while we have little boys.

We made gingerbread cookies with lemon glaze using the ninja cookie cutters given to us by my sister. 
 We went back to Black Butte for MLK weekend, just the 4 of us. There was still snow, although it was pretty crunchy snow. Made for fun building a little "snow fort."

The boys never get tired of the little under the stairs space at Black Butte.
At OMSI with Daddy one day while Jake was in school and Mommy was working.

While at Black Butte (which has cable TV, which we do not have at home), Jake saw an infomercial for "Glo-Bs" these Lego-like building blocks that glow in the dark. So he used his own money and purchased them from the website. When they arrived, Mike helped him make a shield of armor. 

 Giddy-up, Daddy!

 Just being cute.

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