Saturday, March 30, 2013

Ryan - 2.5 years old

Dear Ryan, 

You turned 2.5 years old. You are growing into a happy, strong-willed little boy. 

Here are some of the highlights of the past 6 months: your favorite color has been orange, with red and pink in close second. You love to pick a different stuffie to snuggle with each day, alternating among favorites and occasionally including a new favorite. 

Washing your hands is something you actually like to do, much unlike your older brother, and is something we appreciate. And you love to do "High Five!" (Hence the hand washing is even more appreciated.)

Sesame Street and especially Elmo are favorites of yours. Also Curious George. On January 1st, you came to me wanting to take off your diaper so you could use the potty. I got out some underwear, and from then on you decided you were done with diapers. That was pretty awesome.

Your favorite game to play in the house is something you and Jake invented - chasing each other or Daddy chasing you around the house. The name of the game is "Na-na-boo-boo" and you say that and run around screaming.

You are fond of adult drinks like coffee and wine, but we don't let you make a habit of it. It's funny that you like them, though! 
Most of all, it's been fun to hear and see your vocabulary increase. There is a LOT of "why?" Also you like to say "Yep." in the most perfunctory manner. What really makes us laugh is when you say "Don't. Know." while enunciating each word. 
 My sweetheart. Right when you were turning 2 we had a very rough couple months with sleep (or rather, your refusal to go to sleep at night) and I often had to spend long periods of time lying in the dark with you. It was trying for both of us! Finally we got over that and enjoyed our pre-sleep snuggles again. You have strong opinions and also a sensitive nature. You're becoming your own little person with a personality that is sometimes sweet and sometimes mischievous. It is a joy to be your mama.

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