Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Jake's 7th Birthday Ninja Party!

Jake was so excited for his 7th birthday party. He helped make the vanilla cupcakes for his party. We put whipped cream and a strawberry on top. 

 The party was held at Custer Park, not far from our house. It was one of those rain/sun/rain/sun days, and we weren't sure if we would get lucky or not. It was raining while we were setting up for the party, but then stopped for the party itself!

The merry-go-round was a huge hit. The party-goers were invited to dress as ninjas.

 Sensi-Wu father and ninja little brother.
 A butterfly fairy ninja named Porter.
 Stealth Skylar.
 The samurai family.
 Practicing ninja moves through the laser beams.
 Testing their mental skills via the game of looking at 12 objects on a tray and then listing as many as you can remember once the tray is covered again.
 Guess how many little ninjas in the jar.
 Slay the (pinata) dragon.

 Time for cupcakes!

Gramma is in this picture! Both Gramma and Papa were there and helped out greatly with the party and the picture-taking.
 Mom giving instructions for the treasure hunt. They were given clues and each clue had the name of a ninja on it. That ninja was responsible for reading that clue out loud to the group.
 Ninjas found their treasure at last - foam swords. Also watching Jake open presents.

 Practice swordfight!

 A snapshot of my makeup for my costume.
Playing on the swings after the end of the party, as the clean-up was happening.
 After, we went out to Laughing Planet for dinner and then to Sunny's for frozen yogurt!
 Snuggling my just-about-to-turn-7-year-old.
 Time to head to the car and home after a great afternoon.

Treasure Hunt Clues

Quick ninjas to the swings.
Another clue to you it brings.

Around and round and round you go.
Smooth ninjas go with the flow.

Down, down on the slide!
This one is a twisty ride.

Even ninjas need to pee.
Here use a toilet, not a tree.

Under the bridge is where you seek.
Watch for jumping, bouncing feet. 

Up and down go two heads.
Here look for the color red.

The sign shows this park has a name. 
You're getting close to the end of the game.

Home plate is where it's at.
See where you need to bat?

The treasure is close! You just need, 
Too look for the tree that grew from a seed.
The tree is now huge; branches all around.
The tree next to the tire swing on the playground.

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