Saturday, January 17, 2009

Award and Run (I like those two words together!)

I got my first blogging award! Thanks to Shana at So Not Zen for awarding it to me. Shana gave it to me because she thinks I is cool. (And yes, we are both fully aware that this is not grammatically correct.)
Shana and I share a couple things in common -- we are both moms and we are both runners. Okay, we have more in common than that, but it is good that we can cheer each other on in regards to the post-child running aspect. Shana is training for a half-marathon, and I totally bow to her on that.

However, I am really excited because today I am going for a run on an old route that I used to run a lot when I lived at my parent's house. Mike is out of town in Kotzebue, Alaska, so Jake will go play with Gramma and Papa while I go for that 3.5 mile run. This should be good -- I've been running somewhere between 2.5 and 3 miles for awhile, so this will be a good push, plus it is a sunny, clear day and the views should be amazing.

So in regard to the Butterfly Blogger Award, I am to award 10 people who I think is cool (and their blogs, too).

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Leah at Milk and Ink: From the Lap of Mama Nomad
Mrs. G at Derfwad Manor
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Breana at Urban Hippie Mama
Dani at Ellie's Madre
Laura at Cliff and Laura's Family Blog
Sara at A Little Radish


radishly said...

Awe, thanks! I think yer swell too.

Bill & Savannah said...

Thanks Lee! I am honored to mentioned in your list of groovy bloggers!


elliesmadre said...

Thanks Lee! I think you is cool too. :) Hope you have a great run today!

Shana said...

Have a great run. It is the PERFECT day for it. If I could breathe through my nose, I'd be out there too. In fact, my visiting brother in law just left for a run and I was sorely tempted to join him.