Thursday, January 22, 2009


Jake loves to have someone scare him. On purpose. Seriously, you can jump out from behind a wall and scare him and he laughs and laughs and then says "again!" while still laughing. I, on the other hand, don't appreciate that at all. Please don't scare me on purpose. Where did this kid come from??

Yesterday, he asked to play the game where Mama and Daddy stand around the corner and he runs from the opposite end of the house to the corner and attempts to have us scare him. Sometimes we succeed, especially if we manage to get into a different hiding place without him seeing us. Quite funny.

So while we were doing this yesterday, I had a sudden thought: my kid is going to LOVE horror movies.

Isn't that the point of horror movies? To be scared out of your skin, knowing that you are going to be scared, and loving it anyway?

As you can guess, Mama CANNOT watch horror movies. I am the person who hides my eyes at the scariest/most suspenseful scenes. I clutch my husband's arm so tightly he complains I am hurting him. So horror movies? Just not on my Netflix list. Mike, however, can enjoy a horror movie.

This will be interesting.


Rebekah said...

Some of my favorite role-model parents went WITH their teenagers to see SAW I through infinity. I can't imagine. I HATE guts-movies. Like...nightmare-forever-can't-clean-my-brain HATE. But T&J, whose kids are AMAZING, said it was important to go WITH their kids, not just trust they'd be ok seeing horror flicks with their friends and not discuss violence that intense afterwards to put it into calmer perspective.

That part? I'm not looking forward to so much.

Rebekah said...

That Jake is a cutie-patootie, btw. I meant to add that. :)

Keri said...

Hi! First-time commenter! I was cleaning out my inbox and saw your comment on my blog from long, long ago! I never got around to checking your blog until recently and now it's on my blogroll! It's so great to "meet" another fellow DEAF homebirthing mama! ;) Your Jake is adorable! Looking forward to getting to know each other via our blogs. =D BTW, you can add me on FB if you want: Keri MacFarlane Ogrizovich