Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Marquam Trail Hike

No pictures, but on Monday the three of us hiked up the Marquam trail. It started at the bottom of Sam Jackson Pkwy and went uphill for 1.7 miles to the top of Council Crest, which has fabulous views of the city and surrounding mountains (we saw Mt. Hood and Mt. Adams). Then 1.7 miles downhill. It was very cool to see this trail in the heart of Portland, but the up/down thing wasn't the most fun and since you can drive to Council Crest, there is an easier way to take in all the views.

The park at the top of Council Crest was wonderful, and I think when it gets warmer we will go up there for picnics. There are huge trees where you can go underneath the branches and play around the base of the tree. Jake loved that.

We had a goal to go on at least 2 nature walks/hikes per month and we did it for February! Although they are so much fun there is no reason not to go more often if we have the chance.

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