Friday, February 6, 2009

Valentine Tree

So after getting yesterday's bad energy out, today Jake and I focused on Valentine's day. We went to the art store and got supplies. I decided it was time to re-decorate my mantle (which I do about 5-6 times a year). All of these items came from inside or outside my house, and I had purchased these cute felt hearts on a string which I then hung on the "tree." I wanted something that was reusable every year.


Sheena said...

Hi Lee!
Your Valentine Tree looks like a real one.The hearts are looking very cute on it.
This valentine I have decided to gift my sweetheart a box of chocolates along with a bunch of yellow and red roses.Isn't it a great idea??
Let me know your views. My id is

Jstar said...

Cute Valentine's tree! I do an easter tree every year with some painted branches that I have. Maybe I should start a V-tree tradition too!