Sunday, March 1, 2009

Because money appears out of thin air

The other day Jake woke up in the morning, and this was our first conversation:

Jake: beach! see crabs!

Me: you want to go to the beach and see the crabs on the rocks? (We saw those during our Mexico trip.)

Jake: yes!

Me: aww... I'd like to go to the beach, too. But we'd have to get on a plane and fly there.

Jake: want to get on plane!

Me: we'd have to buy plane tickets. Do you have the money for that?

Jake: nodding yes.


A said...

B and I had the same conversation - only about seeing Grandma and going to Colorado. Right down to the part about money. She went and grabbed her piggy bank. LOL


Hedy said...
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Hedy said...

That is so cute!

elliesmadre said...

Everyday Eleanor says how much she misses Daddy when he is at work. I tell her that he has to go to work so we can buy food. She says...we already have food! LOL