Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Lee's Knitting!

This past fall I took up knitting. My grandma had taught me when I was 12 or 13, and I made a scarf or 2, but haven't done anything since. Having lots of good friends who are avid knitters and who promised to help when needed, I started again.

First I did one of those standard scarves, but after I completed it, I discovered it was way too scratchy. Wrong yarn. Now I know. (No picture of the beautiful, sad, red scarf.)

Then I finished this one. When I started knitting again, I asked my family if there were any knitting needles not being used that I could have. As luck had it, my sister knit in college but abandoned her needles and this project a while back. This scarf was halfway done, so I finished it and then sewed it together. I love wearing it.
Then I knit something similar for my sister, but added a pattern into it. (Amy, I'm sending it to you tomorrow!)
Then I worked on my first hat and just finished it. It was to be for me, but it is too small! Live and learn, right?
But it is VERY cute on my boy. I have more of this same yarn so I think I'll make another one for me and be sure to make it bigger this time!


korin said...

NICE! great job on all of it! I have more of that maroon yarn if you run out :D yay knitting!!

Elizabeth said...

It is adorable on sweet Jake!

Radical Midwife said...

beautiful job!

Angie said...

nice knits lee!