Monday, January 25, 2010

No ponytail this time

I think this is the longest Jake has gone without a haircut except for when he was born to the time of his first haircut (and other than the at-home bang-trimming). His hair was getting long enough that I was starting to see that it could be cute long, so, being the hippie mother that I am, I tried to convince Jake to grow his hair long -- "don't you want to try putting it in a ponytail?" But Jake was having none of that. "Haircut!" he demanded. It's his hair, so I scheduled an appointment (finally).

Mr. Shaggy.

Who is this handsome boy?
It's cute, but is the same haircut he tends to get. I think next time I'll let it grow a bit long again and then have the hairdresser shape it.

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korin said...

I love that cute boy :)