Saturday, May 29, 2010


For 2 days and 2 nights, we dogsat for some good friends of ours. Snickers, an 11 month old standard poodle/schnauzer mix puppy joined us. Snickers had been to our house a week prior for a dinner with our friends, so it wasn't an unfamiliar place.

Nevertheless, she was not happy when her owners left and stared at the door and cried for 30 minutes.
But then we took her for a walk. And then later to the dog park. She was a pretty happy dog after that. (Grandma and Grandpa were with us then, and they enjoyed the dog, too!)
At first, Jake and Snickers weren't too sure about each other, but then by the second day they were friends. They especially loved playing with the ball together.
She's a sweet dog and we had fun, but there were 2 who were VERY, VERY happy when she left -- the cats!

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