Sunday, May 2, 2010

Some weekend pictures

This one was actually from last weekend. We all went to the playground and Jake was so tired by the time he got back that he could barely make it inside the door.
This Saturday we had some sun and it was briefly warm. The boys mowed the grass while playing their usual game -- racing each other. Jake does have a pretty unfair advantage by not having a lawn mower in his hands.
Run, run! Mow mow!
Shirtless. Means summer is coming!!
With the grandparents' help, we got the little red table moved upstairs. Later, we'll convert it to more of a desk with paper, pens, computer, etc. but for now Jake wanted to continue cooking on it.

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Amy said...

Oh Lee I was just catching up and your mower caught my eye! We are thinking of getting a push mower like that. Have you ever used it to cut high grass before?