Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Lazy Days of Summer at BBR

Friday to Tuesday at Black Butte Ranch. Jake did a lot of bike riding.
He rode over to visit Theodore the parrot quite a number of times.
8 of us went to dinner at the lodge restaurant, which was a nice treat! (8 of us also meant it was very full and fun at the house.)
Devin, Tyler, and Amy. (Devin and Tyler are brothers.)
Gramma, Papa, Jake.Lee and Mike.
Yum, apple salad.

This little boy wanted chocolate cake. He was very happy to get it. (Actually, all 8 of us shared it, and it was enough for everyone!)
The days were packed with playing outside, bike riding, and swimming every day. By bedtime Jake would be a zombie.
We had lots of fun!
There was ping pong and other games.
The last day Amy and Tyler took Jake to the sandbox while I worked.

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