Sunday, July 11, 2010

Oregon Country Fair 2010!

Our fourth year going to the fair, and second year camping. We were all so excited.

Mike driving the hippie van. We rented a 1985 VW Westfalla camper van. It was awesome. Even when it overheated while waiting in the line of cars at the campground. Many times.
Jake got in a good nap on the way there. Plus it was hot and there was no A/C! It was a windy ride down the freeway.
Arrived at Zumwalt on Thursday! We claimed this entire area for the 8 families that joined us.
Grandma Ammi and baby in the lone chair while we worked to set up. First thing we worked on was the canopy so we could have some shade in the 90 degree heat!!
Friday! Time to go to the FAIR!
The theme this year seemed to be pink.
There's Ben and Saamanta in the background.
Excited boys on the big yellow school bus!

At the fair... I went and got my belly painted, something I was really looking forward to doing.
Yum, coconut bliss ice cream bar.

The obligatory nap at Chela Mela Meadow under the big tree.
At a Ninja show.

You can see Jake standing up and watching. It was all play/pretend fight scenes, and it was really awesome! Of course Jake and Max just loved it.
One of the many meals at the fair. So much good food there.
Jake watching the pink-haired ladies who blew bubbles and handed out bubble gum.
View of my belly.

Picture of our camp set-up.
With our Westy van. It was soooo comfortable. There were two beds in it and space for our stuff.
Playing on Saturday -- we stayed at the camp all day. We also went swimming in the lake each day which was so much fun and so good to have in the heat. I wish I had gotten pictures of how beautiful it was but I was so hot that I would just make my way to the water and get in without being able to think of anything else!
Sweet baby Porter.
Silly, happy boys with Ellie.
Porter and daddy Ron.
This one was silly from the heat and the beer.
A view of sleeping in the top of the camper van.
And the bed at the bottom. Jake slept up top with daddy the first night but then on the bottom with me the other 2 nights.
Sunday we packed up the campsite and headed back to the Fair.
And watched a belly dancing show (a good balance from the ninja show, no?)
Then tired, hot, dirty, HAPPY, we headed back home.
Other words to describe the weekend: bubbles, glitter, red wagon, beer, watermelon, pink hair, naked doctor, Apples to Apples, topless swimming in the lake, hot, mosquitos, counter-culture, lemonade, glow sticks, port-a-potties, body painting...


Keri said...

Looks like you all had a BLAST! I would have LOVED to join you all! Nick and Mike would hit it off if Mike is a beer connoisseur like Nick is. ;)

Susannah said...

Here's to bubbles, glitter, beer, swimming in the lake, time with friends, and getting that beautiful belly painted! Thanks for sharing <3