Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy December! 1

Jake has really, really been looking forward to December 1st, the day the advent calendars start! This year we have 2 advent calendars -- a wooden one that we use each year and a paper chain one that we made this year. I figure it will be good for me to get into the habit of doing 2 -- when Ryan is old enough the boys will each have an advent calendar to open each day.

The paper chain one has to do with kindness as a family. Each paper chain has something written on it for something nice/kind/fun to do as a family that day, most of them really simple. I am going to be blogging about this and posting an update every day, sometimes with pictures. Perhaps you will join us in performing that act of kindness!

Today's kindness act: Have a warm foot bath.

So we did. I peeled an orange and added it to the warm water. It smelled really good. Felt good, too.

Mommy and Jake.
Jake loved it.
Daddy, Jake, and Ryan.


xiamenb2c02 said...
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tori vigil said...

I love this idea! You're pure mommy-genius! I miss the Advent calendar of my youth - the pockets and special days. My sister-in-law gave us each chocolate calendars...not the same effect as your paper chains...

Keri said...

What a GREAT idea (kindness paper chain)! I will try this with my wee ones! And that pic of Jake and Ryan is absolutely adorable! They really do look like brothers. And Ryan's cheeks...NOM NOM! =)