Thursday, December 30, 2010

Ryan - 3 Months

Dear Ryan,

Today you are 3 months old. I have to say, 3-4 months is my favorite baby age, so cute and so much fun. Not to say I don't love all the other ages and times, just this one is particularly awesome. So I'm really looking forward to the next month.

So much has happened in the last month. You've definitely grown in all sorts of ways. Yes, you are a bit bigger. You've started to stand when we hold you up! And you are 90% past the wobbly-head stage, just still need help when you are just waking up or when really tired. It makes it so much easier to hold you and carry you around when you can support your own head. Very soon I'll be able to carry you on my hip, and that will be easier for both of us.

You charm the pants off everyone who meets you the way you smile using your entire body. I'm so lucky to have gotten such a smiley baby. You have also started to laugh, which is so adorable!

This month you really found your fist and your fingers and you really seem to love them. You've also started enjoying sucking on other people's fingers, particularly Daddy's thumb. I wonder if you will suck your fingers or thumb (or both, like Mama did). I was actually surprised that your brother was never interested in sucking anything except the thing that gave him milk, but you may be different!

Toys are also now starting to interest you. You've done a bit of work learning to hold on to toys, but need more practice before you become a pro. People interest you very much -- you have been tracking people with your eyes. I especially love it when you watch what Jake is doing.

People often ask me if you are sleeping through the night. I think this is such a weird question because at your age, you are not supposed to sleep through the night. Yet you do sleep really well most nights and I feel very well rested, lucky me. Some nights you need a lot of milk and/or a lot of diaper changes. Other nights it is 5am before we wake up for the first milk/diaper change.

My sweet son, I am loving you more each day. I am so glad you are here with all of us.


Lynne said...

Happy New Year to you and your boys. Thank you for the Blog and great photos I bet Christmas at Black Butte was wonderful. Lynne

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