Sunday, January 30, 2011

Ryan - 4 Months

Dear Ryan,

You are now 4 months old. Definitely no longer a newborn, and you don't feel like an infant either. You are a baby, and a cute one at that! I'm now starting to carry you on my hip, and we are both getting used to that. You are getting pretty heavy and it is easier for me to carry you that way while I do other things. Since I am carrying you like that now, that means your head/neck is very strong now, which is great! You like to do a lot of exercise on your tummy, and have rolled over from your tummy to your back twice now, the first on January 21st, and the second time on the 28th. The first time you looked extremely surprised and weren't sure what had happened! It was pretty funny. Pretty soon you will be a pro at rolling over. You are also working on your sitting skills -- you can sit very well when propped up, and enjoy the view it gives you.
You have really gotten the idea of toys this month. Your favorite right now is Sophie the giraffe. The legs are just perfect for chewing on. I love seeing you get excited when you are in the mood for Sophie! Wooden rings are another favorite as those are easy to hold.
Sweet Ryan, you love being a part of this family. Nothing makes you happier than having all 4 of us in the room together, especially if we are all playing and being silly.

But your most favorite thing is Jake. You love your older brother and you watch him all the time. Often after Jake has left for school and it is just mommy and you, you get bored and whiny. Then Jake comes home and you are happy and excited again. You have so much fun watching Jake run around playing. You also love sitting with us while we read Jake's books.
Jake loves you, too. He loves to carry you and hug you and hold you. When you smile for him he is delighted. Mommy loves it, too. It is so wonderful to see the 2 of you interacting (so much more than before) and helps me while I get things done around the house.
It's so much fun having 2 boys and also seeing how different you two are! Ryan, you are already in size 9 month clothes, which is crazy (Jake wore the right clothes for his age). You are much more comfortable napping alone than Jake was, but you don't want to be left alone while sleeping at night.
You are growing so fast. Slow down, please? Either way we are enjoying you so much every day.
Love, your family


Elizabeth said...

What gorgeous smiles!

Keri said...

hey, what did i tell ya? boys ARE fun! =) your boys are too cute for words! enjoy every moment...especially before the fighting and crying begins. =P