Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Valentines

So this picture was taken on Sunday, 1 day before Valentine's Day. This was actually my first year as a mom making sure Jake had a Valentine for each classmate to take to school the next day (he missed it last year due to pinkeye!). Lesson learned: start making them a whole week beforehand, not one day beforehand. After about the 5th Valentine Jake was bored and wanted to do something else and we still had 19 Valentines left to make. Oops. So all day I was saying, "Jake, do TWO more Valentines, and then we'll have lunch" etc.
Long story short: Jake had 24 Valentines done by the end of the day Sunday to take to school on Monday.

Valentine's Day after dinner we all got our treat: strawberry milkshakes (Coconut Bliss vanilla ice cream and strawberries that I had purchased fresh, processed, and frozen last summer).
Yummmmm! Happy Vees. Well, maybe except for Ryan who stares longingly at our food and drinks. Too young, baby, too young!

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korin said...

OH my! the look on Ryan's face is priceless!!