Friday, February 25, 2011

Still February

February is such a boring month for the blog. We're at home a lot or on playdates with friends or at OMSI/Children's Museum, any way to be inside when it is cold and/or raining. But these last few days I've made more of an effort to pick up the camera.

My mom actually took these pictures -- we were at Jake's tennis lesson.

This is naptime -- Ryan recovering from a bad cold and Jake has a 102 fever. No fun.
Cute Ryan.
Today - 25 degrees outside but beautiful and sunny.
Picking at the ice.
We made a hole and pulled it up and out -- it was about 2 inches thick!
While that was happening, Ryan played.
Later... I think this is funny because both boys have the same expression.

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tori vigil said...

That second picture is fantastic! What a happy baby! One more day, and it's March! I can't wait to read about good weather and a healthy family!