Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Jake -- 5 and a half!

Dear Jake, 

You turned 5 and a half years old. It is so funny to hear you tell people "I'm five AND A HALF," stressing the importance of those additional 6 months. But I don't blame you, you've grown very much in the last 6 months, including adding more than an inch to your height since your birthday in June! 

You started kindergarten in September at a new school. This wasn't easy as not only was it a new school with MANY kids but you entered a Spanish Immersion classroom where you hear nothing but Spanish 90% of the day. Despite that, you've done amazingly well with picking up a new language, and I can see you thinking in 3 different languages as you work to select words from one language to another. You love your teacher and you've made some great new friends while still continuing to have playdates with old ones. 

The biggest thing over the last few months, other than starting kindergarten, has been your increased love for Legos. You are so amazing with Legos -- you can build an entire fire station, like in this picture, in one day by following the instructions exactly, or you can make up the coolest race cars or robots by building from your imagination. Either way, it's worth it though it means living in a house where I constantly find Legos in every corner. 
Self-picture with one of the 3 iPhones/iTouches in the house. One of which is now yours. You use it to play games and watch episodes of Arthur. Otherwise you like to be on the computer, either on the Lego.com website or PBSkids.org. You are growing up in a world filled with computers and handheld devices and in a few years you'll be as tech-savvy as your mom and dad. (Eek!)
Daddy took you to the library and you got your own library card. It was pretty cool. We haven't been to the library much lately, though, since you've been busy with school, gymnastics, and playdates. I know you'll start using it more this summer and after since you're becoming an amazing reader. I love watching you take a book and read it. Despite your growing reading abilities, we still spend lots of time reading to you. This fall you and Daddy read Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory which you thought was awesome. What was even more fabulous was having Gramma take you to see the play at the Children's Northwest Theatre. You were enthralled and asked to see more plays. 
 When not reading, playing Legos, or in school, you love to be outside. Not only can you still run very fast (faster now) but you climb trees, play hopscotch, and became very good at riding your bike (I did a 3.5 mile run while you rode alongside me. That was cool but you haven't wanted to do it again. I hope you will join me after you get your training wheels off).
 I love you my 5.5 year old son. You are so sweet to me and often stop what you're doing to give me or Daddy or Ryan a hug and some kisses.

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