Monday, December 19, 2011

Santa Land

Finally catching up on blog posts! Life is just so busy with 2 children and 2 jobs. I took most of the week off from work in order to catch up with household stuff! This is one of them. I will try to keep up if I get completely caught up. And yes, I'm back-dating :)

December... we went to SantaLand at Alpenrose Dairy (yes... ironic) but this is where I went when I was a little girl and it was really, really fun to go back. And of course my boys loved it.

Jake could have stayed and watched the trains for hours. We all enjoyed seeing them, including Ryan, who would point at the trains coming and going.
Jingle bells...

Ryan inside Storybook Lane, where there were little houses for little people. And also lots of sparkly lights, white trees, and many animals.

We'd gone to SantaLand on a Sunday, and had no idea that the wait for Santa's picture would take so long (an hour and a half estimated wait). So we did the fun stuff on Sunday, then went back the next day, when there was nobody there, and they got to meet Santa. Jake spent a good 5-10 minutes just sitting on his lap and chatting with him, which they both really enjoyed! Ryan stayed just long enough to get his picture taken before he was away from the strange man and exploring the toys. 

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