Monday, January 30, 2012

Ryan -- 16 Months

Dear Ryan, 

January was a busy month, and now I am writing this post in March, when you've already grown and changed so much. 

This month you started getting to know your new nanny, Abby. She comes twice a week to play with you while Daddy and I work, and Jake is in school. She's very sweet, speaks Spanish to you, and you love it most when she takes you out of the house on adventures. When it is not raining and not too cold, you two will go to the playground in the village, all bundled up in your stroller. 
 Your teeth began to come up in earnest this month. And this was exhausting.
But there were some great moments, like an unexpected, warm January day where you exercised your new ability to walk well in shoes, and therefore could easily walk around outside on your own. You thought that was awesome!

 You definitely have a silly side. You love to play with the brooms (we encourage you to use the smaller one that is meant for you and Jake, but sometimes the big one is more fun). In the winter time, we make smoothies every night after dinner. They are so yummy and the coconut milk in them really helps you sleep longer/more at night.
 My little love, full of life and curiosity. This extends to seeing what is in all the kitchen cabinets and drawers and pulling out pots and pans. This also included a fascination with the cat food, which drove your Daddy and me nuts for awhile.
Much love, my growing boy!

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