Saturday, April 14, 2012

First t-ball game!

First game! There was some sun, yay! 

Home plate! The way t-ball works, for those of you not in the know as I so recently was, is there are 3 innings. All 14 players on each team bat once per inning. Everyone runs to the next base each time there is a new hitter. It doesn't matter if the ball is actually caught/base tagged before a runner gets there, the runner is still safe. Jake was actually "tagged out" at second base because he took his sweet time running from first to second base, while waving at his friend Cole on the opposing team who was in right field.

 What do you do while waiting for the next kid at bat? Chew on your glove.
 Titled "Four Kids Attempt to Get One Ball."
 And there are lots of adults on the field helping the kids learn what to do next.
 At bat.
 He hits!
 He runs!

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