Monday, April 30, 2012

Ryan - 19 Months

Dear Ryan, 

You are now 19 months old -- all of a sudden I realized you are on your way to being 2 and it made my heart stop for a moment. I can't believe my baby is growing into a little boy. 

In so many ways it feels like you are on the cusp. Still nursing but also wanting to be independent. Needing our snuggles and cuddling but capable of playing in the backyard with us checking on you. 
 And you are sweet, and so much fun to be around, and you make us laugh.

 When we go to Jake's school to pick him up, sometimes we meet up with your friend Silas. Silas' brother is in Jake's class, and the two of you will be in kindergarten together!

 So much fun to play on the playground.
 We had Easter this month. You loved seeing the bunnies and you LOVE jelly beans. You ask for them every morning but we wait until after lunch or dinner before you can have one.
Eating is going so-so. Some days you are a gung-ho eater and other days not so much. However, if anyone can get you to eat, it's Gramma and Papa, you'll try anything for them. 

In a 6-week period, Mommy was gone for work all day on 4 separate days, and you didn't like that very much. But we both got through it. 

 Your favorite thing to do right now is read the 'Bear' books, such as Bear at Home, Bear on a Bike, and Bear at Work. They are such cute books and you point to all the pictures on the pages and have us name what you are pointing to. You and Daddy read almost every night while Mommy cooks dinner.
My little love, it's so fun watching you grow. We got Jake's old bike out for you this month and every day you want to ride it (right now we just do it in the garage until we can find the helmet!) You also ask about going to school -- you love doing Jake's drop off and pick ups. It will be way too soon for me before you are happily off to school, yourself!

I love you, Ryan.

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